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How To Buy A Profitable Website – Turn $1,800 Into $173,000!

In this post, I’m going to show you simple steps how to buy a profitable website. One of the famous quote from Warren Buffett is “Don’t buy cheap, buy undervalued business!” I will be using this concept throughout this article……

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Thomas Hoi begins his entrepreneur life as a network marketer in 2005 with zero sales experience and learned all the foundation of sales and marketing from there. Like many network marketers, he discovered that the traditional way of selling in…..

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Private Coaching

If you have went through all the videos and liked them but needs help to implement the new marketing system to get more customers/prospects to find you rather than you chasing them, then you may want to join my one…..

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If you want to generate sales or leads online, you will need the following tools to get started. These are all the tools I have used myself to make 6 figures sales in 5 days. Hostgator – Web hosting service…..

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Gunnar Olson

Gunnar Olson Plastic Bag Miracle – Faith Of A Mustard Seed

Thomas Hoi | April 21, 2015

Imagine you have hundreds of thousand of plastic bags to be shipped out but discovered that each plastic bag cannot be opened due to some molecules sticking to each other… Your factory manager tells you that your business is now…..

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Judith Halim

From Security Guard To F&B Boss Olive Vine – Judith Halim

Thomas Hoi | December 30, 2014

Alone with a sick baby in a foreign land, abandoned and no job, what would you do if you are in Judith Halim’s situation? Suicide was her answer… but a cold call from nowhere changed her life.

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School boy wearing a dunce cap against a blackboard with incorrect sums and must try harder note

The Top Mistakes Made In Google Adwords Advertising

Thomas Hoi | July 14, 2014

At the start of my Google Adwords training course in Singapore, I always tell my students to think of a great offer first before buying traffic to their websites. Many advertisers made the mistake of just buying traffic from Google…..

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How To Sell A $10 Mouse For $100

Thomas Hoi | April 8, 2014

I was reading the Singapore Business Times today and saw an article on Razer Inc, manufacturer of gaming equipments which have raving fans supporting it’s products. One thing that caught my attention is how Razer managed to sell a $10…..

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wordpress beginner

WordPress For Beginners – Step By Step Video Guide

Thomas Hoi | May 27, 2013

In this video, I show you how to install the wordpress website from scratch in just 15 mins. You will see how you can by pass the downloading of wordpress software, how you can create a contact page with form…..

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