Article Marketing Secrets To Get First Page Google Ranking

One of my favourite ways to get tons of traffic is to do article marketing because it has proven it’s worth and has helped me generated sales after sales.

My article is  about 400 words and I will optimized it to about 1-3% keyword density, making sure my bio box contains my  keyword phrase and link back to my website.

This not only channel traffic back to your website, but also is a “vote” from for your website and this gives great link juice and helps in getting first page Google rankings.

Article marketing is never complete without article submission service where different variations of your original articles will be spinned and automatically posted onto other blogs/articles directory, giving you hundreds of links back to your own website, which greatly helps in Google rankings.

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8 thoughts on “Article Marketing Secrets To Get First Page Google Ranking”

  1. Terry says:

    Million thanks for such a great information and content!!!YOu are the best!!!Million thanks again!!God bless you.Really informative!!

  2. Moazzam Ali Qureshi says:

    hello Thomas Hoi,
    I read your articles about article written and really impressed.
    I will take a little seo project that is to get website on first page on
    google. with in two month . what can i do ,i also seo master but its critical
    to get website on first page of google . what strategy i will adopt to done that
    job . i will very thankful to you.
    Moazzam Ali Qureshi

  3. Moazzam Ali Qureshi says:

    its also send me some keywords.he want when he write those keyword its website
    come on first page i hope you know that what i say.

  4. Multidecks says:

    We cannot stress enough the importance of the keywords you select for your anchor text. Certain keywords are much more valuable to use, and you need to do the “homework” to learn those that best fit for your business

  5. Dhruv R Thaker says:

    Thanks Mr. Thomas Hoi.

    I like this article very much.

    I want to know that whether using article spinning is allowed after latest google algorithm updates like panda, penguin.

    Are there any other article submission services? I have also found another way that you can retweet or resubmit your blog post to social media, as it can also provide your more traffic.

    Thank again.

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