First Page Google Rankings With Keyword Secrets Revealed

In this video, I give an overview on what it takes to get First Page Google Rankings. In my experiences, many of my websites become listed on first page of Google, reaching the top 3 positions, by using article, press release and video marketing. This means that your website can literally get thousands of visitors a month for FREE! This simply translates to more leads and sales for your website and give a huge boast to your branding.

Imagine what will happen when your customers found your website on the #1 position in Google when they search for a certain keyword phrase? That they will almost guarantee to buy whatever product or services you got to offer and you probably “killed” your competitors instantly.

The most important first step is keyword research because doing this step wrong will ruin your entire campaign. I reveal some of the secrets in doing keyword research in order to get to first page of Google in the video. The secret to ranking on first page of Google is to choose a profitable keyword phrase with low competition. Not all keyword phrases have the some value, simply because some convert to sale but other attract only information seekers who are not ready to buy.

Therefore, you always want to determine that a particular keyword that you found have commercial intent. Some examples are: buy, order, purchase, sale, discount, price, bargains, coupon etc Any keyword phrase that include these commercial intent keywords are likely to convert to a sale.

You can also choose a 2-words key phrase and not just long tail keyword, provided that the chosen keyword is of low competition. Such keyword phrases usually include geographic location. It can be “product name + country/state name” or “services + country/state name” E.g “nikon d5100 California” or “Plumber Singapore”.

After you have selected your profitable keywords, you want to determine the the competition level of your keyword. The easiest way to do this is buy putting quotes around your keyword phrase i.e “Plumber Singapore”, everything in bold should be typed into the search box and Google will return the number of results, called “Quoted Search Results” (QSR) under the search box.

After many years of testing and experimenting, it has been found that QSR below 400 will give you an easy first page Google ranking. If you are busy and wanted to automate the entire process by just typing in a keyword and let the keyword tool automatically spit out low competition keyword phrases for you, then you can try the FREE keyword tool below.

If you have any questions, do leave me a comment.

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9 thoughts on “First Page Google Rankings With Keyword Secrets Revealed”

  1. Creamfox says:

    Thank you for the information.
    I have a blog about food, restaurants and some background information, in Dutch.
    How do I find the right keywords to get my site listed better. I mean if the word ‘Raspberry’ is a strong keyword, I could write an article about Raspberry’s, post a raspberry recipe and a picture of them.

  2. Dannie Polakis says:

    Thank you very much for the entry, I even learned a lot from it. Extremly good content on this blog. Always looking forward to new article.

  3. Sudarto says:

    I often find difficult to ensure the accuracy of the results of keyword research. For example to get the low competition. I typed the word''lasik Singapore "and I find the numbers 1,500. But when I try typing keyword lasik''Singapore''the next day, the result is 47 100. I repeat again and the results are still 47,100. Which the number is accurate? Thank you for the answer.

    • Thomas Hoi says:

      Hi Sudarto,

      You have to "click to the last page" of the Google search engine results to get the correct number. As I type the keyword "lasik Singapore" into Google, I click to the last page, Page 63 and found this message:

      "In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 625 already displayed." Therefore, the exact QSR or competition is only 625! If you can get an exact match domain for "lasik Singapore", you will be able to hit 1st page Google ranking very soon!

  4. lionel says:

    Hi Mr Thomas Hoi,
    my site is a online pet store. i'm not sure how or u can guide me to insert keywords search for my site? cos at present nor matter how i search eg: dogfood etc…my homepage will never appear. please help! thank you!

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Hey Thomas i can't understand you, I am confused a bit about you response above. How you can say that, that competition is low if you don't know what is going on on first page of google, i mean what if those on first page are strong competitors.

    This is something i meet first time in my online experience ( 2 years ). So do you know, have some secrets for keyword finding, do you know some secrets for seo… 🙂

    I had courage to write this because you seems like sincerely person here.
    Thanks for reading this and I'll hope you'll write me back soon.
    Looking forward you answer here or in my email.

  6. Ramdas Meena says:

    Thanks for Information ,After Google Panda and Penguin Update Link Building Strategies have been changed and I want a real formula to get keywords ranked soon.
    I am creating 3-4 backlinks daily.
    suggestions welcome

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