How To Sell A $10 Mouse For $100

I was reading the Singapore Business Times today and saw an article on Razer Inc, manufacturer of gaming equipments which have raving fans supporting it’s products. One thing that caught my attention is how Razer managed to sell a $10 mouse for $100. It turns out that the CEO himself is actually a die hard gamer and knows the pains of what a gamer goes through.

Every serious gamer will do anything to get that little unfair advantage in knocking out their competitors and win the game, tournaments or whatever. And yes, they are willing to spend thousands of dollars to have a better experience in the gameplay.

So Razer innovate themselves by building the best gaming mouse in the market and sell to these fanatic gamers. So what has this got to do with marketing?

In order to sell a product or service at a premium price, you got to throughly understands what is your target audience deepest pain, needs and wants. Only then will you be able to build a product that is tailor made for them.

Always get your customer to test your protoype before fully launching it to the market because you don’t want to sell something that nobody want.

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