The Top Mistakes Made In Google Adwords Advertising

At the start of my Google Adwords training course in Singapore, I always tell my students to think of a great offer first before buying traffic to their websites. Many advertisers made the mistake of just buying traffic from Google but did not have a great offer, so they are basically throwing money into the toilet bowl.

A great offer is your company’s unique selling proposition. In the marketing industry, we called it “USP”. Put simply, your offer must be something that is different from your competitors and at the same time is what your customers wants or need. Once you have established your USP, you need to put into your Google Ads so as to attract tons of clicks.

The next mistake is that advertisers bid for keywords that are not directly related with their Google Ads. For example, one of my students who is a property agent, bid for “nature reserve” and his ad headline shows “the name of a condo project”. His explanation is that the nature reserve is near to the condo, so If a person types in “nature reserve”, and a Google Ad shows “condo project in the headline”, this person might be interested in finding our about the condo.

For those who doesn’t know about the secret of Google Adwords, it is actually a direct response machine. This means that whatever you type into the Google search query, you expect the same words to throw back at you, then you know that is the correct and relevant Google result for you and you will click it.

After checking my student’s adwords account, it confirms that I’m 100% spot on. Nobody clicks on his Google ad for the “nature reserve” keyword even after 100 impressions, this lead to a peanalty and causes the quality score to crash to “3” and CPC (cost per click) shoot up to $1.50!

If you are not getting the results you want with Google Adwords advertising, you can contact me for a free review of your account.

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