What Is Occupy Portland All About?

If you have been following the latest news, you may wonder what is Occupy Portland all about? As of this writing, there are over 200 protesters who are against the wall street greed at Oregon. I believe it all started from the Occupy Wall Street event at lower Manhattan that stretches all the way to Broadway on Sept. 17. Ordinary folks like you and me are protesting against the greed of Wall Street bankers that have forced the governments to bail them out, at the expense of normal people.

With the government spending hundreds of billions dollars, the economy still does not improve and the worst of all is the unemployment rate is still hovering at an all time high of 9%. I like what my mentor Robert Kiyosaki comment on the government… that if still depend on the government to create jobs, you are toasted!

The fact is government are run by people who are good in academic studies but feared badly in creating real jobs for people. If you have owned an iPod, iPhone or an iPad, you know that Apple (with cash and equivalent at over $70 Billion!) is now richer than the entire government. Steve Job, Bill Gates, Micheal Dell and other entrepreneurs should probably run the government instead!

The answer to our current economic problems? Entrepreneurs! Our world need good and ethical entrepreneurs to create real jobs for people and improve their living standards. While my heart goes out to protestors who have lost their jobs and are disappointed with the government, I feel it’s also not right to go to the streets and protest as this probably wouldn’t solve the root of the problem.

Fortunately, there are practical steps you can take to achieve financial freedom and earn a living without depending on your lousy paycheck. While you may not become a billionaire like Bill Gates, you can seriously earned a full time income online enough to pay your bills and live life at your own terms. Do yourself a favor by taking a few minutes to download and read my FREE Ebook specially prepared for you.

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